Download GBA Emulator iPhone App Without Jailbreak

By | June 1, 2017

Why to download GBA emulator on your iPhone? Smartphones have occupied the consumer market very recently, there had been a time when every individual task had its own appliance or gadget – especially for gaming. People used to play games in various handheld consoles before these smartphones showed up. However, the smartphones have unveiled a whole new era of gaming. Yet, there are plenty of games from the past that anyone would miss a lot. GBA games are fun and exciting, and very dear to a great fan base. Thankfully, the modern iOS devices can run a GBA Emulator which allows them to play the downloaded GBA games on iOS without any issue; not even jailbreak is required!

download gba emulator for iphone

Download GBA Emulator for iPhone – Supported iOS Versions

Pretty much all modern iOS versions are supported. The official support for the iOS versions range between iOS 7 and the latest iOS 9. All the sub versions like 7.1.2, 8.1, 8.2, 8.3 and 9, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.3.2 and 9.3.3 are supported. In this era it’s difficult to find anyone using an iPhone that doesn’t support any of the above iOS versions, so this shouldn’t even be an issue. Since jailbreaking isn’t a requirement for the GBA Emulator to work, we won’t be going through a hectic jailbreaking process. If you want to download GBA emulator on your iPhone, follow the installation procedure below.

GBA Emulator iPhone Installation process

In the earlier iOS versions, Apple kept the support for emulators. However, most of these emulators don’t work officially as Apple has revoked the support for emulators on all their current lineup of iPhones – that is iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, SE, iPhone 6/6 Plus and iPhones 6S/6S Plus. Apple’s reasoning for taking this step is logical as well – emulators could mess up with the core files of iOS and make a device unstable, and to prevent such Apple has simply withdrawn the support for emulators on iPhones. However, GBA4iOS is the emulator we are talking about and this one still gets to run on iOS 7.2 and above without causing much trouble. Yes, a faulty installation could still cause troubles with iOS and the iPhone itself but there haven’t been any complain like that so far!

Before you proceed with the actual installation process, connect your smartphone to an active internet connection. Following are the steps below to download GBA emulator for iPhone:

  1. From the iPhone where you want to install GBA4iOS emulator, launch Safari browser and type in the address Note that even on the address bar on Safari, the GBA32 part has to be in all caps.
  2. However, there’s an alternative link as well – iemulators/com/gba4ios or you can try
  3. A website with all Chinese texts will open. If you know how to read Mandarin then go through the page, otherwise just tap on the purple button on the page.
  4. An installation will start and afterwards, you will be redirected to the home screen on your iPhone. The installation procedure will show just like any other iOS app.
  5. Once the app is downloaded, open the app and explore whatever GBA games you would want to play on your iPhone.


This is the easiest way to download GBA emulator for iPhone and installing GBA4iOS on an iOS device without having jailbreak. However, if this method doesn’t seem to work then you might need to jailbreak your device and install GBA4iOS through Cydia repo.

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