Fix GBA4iOS Could not be Installed at this Time Error on iPhone

By | September 10, 2017

Bringing back the old-school Nintendo console games to iPhone isn’t anymore a difficult task by using GBA4iOS, or some other similar emulator. However, GBA4iOS is probably the most popular emulator for Gameboy Advance platform and it does not require a jailbroken iPhone which makes the platform even more popular. GBA4iOS runs on even the very latest versions of iOS, that is the iOS 9.3.x currently and from September 13th, 2016 iOS 10 will roll out to eligible Apple devices; supported by GBA4iOS in advance.

GBA4iOS Could not be installed at this Time

Despite all these support, there are still some installations of GBA4iOS that don’t really go all smooth and users tend to have error messages shown on screen like ‘GBA4iOS Could not be Installed at this time’. Since you have arrived on this page, we assume you have similar trouble. Keep reading to find out the possible steps to be taken to resolve the issue.

What’s GBA4iOS?

Some readers may not be so sure about what GBA4iOS and what it does. Well, basically GBA4iOS is an emulator software that emulates the Gameboy Advance file system and architecture in an iOS device so that the Gameboy Advance fans can revive their long gone memories in a current favorite device. Although there are many emulators for the same purpose, yet GBA4iOS is more popular because this application does not need a jailbroken iPhone to run the Gameboy Advance games, instead it’s more of a download & install combo without tweaking the iPhone at all. Apparently, there’s no risk of losing warranty due to jailbreak, hence, the GBA4iOS is loved by everyone.

gba4ios install error

Did you got the ‘GBA4iOS Could not be Installed at this time’ error?

We have mentioned the error title overhead; if you happen to encounter this error message while you try to install GBA4iOS on your iOS device – be informed that this seems to be a common error and not only your iPhone gets it, but also a lot other iPhones do. Before we jump into the solution, here’s what you should do to install GBA4iOS in the first place.

  • Browse this link through Apple Safari.
  • Surf through the page and find out the installation button for GBA4iOS. Continue with the installation.
  • However, for many the webpage may not work and in such events, the date & time on the iPhone should be changed to 2010 which would allow the download & install of GBA4iOS.

Resolve the GBA4iOS Could not be installed at this Time Error

To resolve the error as we have mentioned in the heading of this article, another tool would be required. The procedures are –

  1. Open Apple Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Browse this link on the browser. This should download iOSEMus to your device.
  3. Install iOSEmus on your iPhone or iPad. The installation is easy and should not take long.
  4. Once done, GB4iOS should install normally. iOSEmus works like a patch which resolves the titled error.
  5. You could enjoy your GBA platform games now.

Conclusion: By following the above mentioned procedure, one can have a fully working GBA4iOS emulator installed on their iOS device.

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